Jøyus Wines (Assorted)

Jøyus Wines (Assorted)

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With every Jøyus non-alcoholic wine an award-winner you can't go wrong. Rated top in the world, and the first to win gold and double gold in the world's most important wine competition—jøyus is leading the way.

Cabernet sauvignon: the warmth and complexity will delight your palate, while the well-balanced tannins, notes of ripe dark berries, aged oak and undertones of vanilla will keep you coming back sip after sip.

Rosé: delicate notes of watermelon, ripe peaches and fresh herbs live in harmony on the palate.

Sparkling rosé: pacific northwest notes of ripe blackberries, summer strawberries and california citrus blossoms are the perfect balance of west coast flavors.

Sparkling white: notes of crisp green apple, fragrant fall pear and a ripe melon finish. These flavors do a delicious dance on your palate.