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The Ivory Palm

Margarita Freeze™ Insulated Cooling Cups

Margarita Freeze™ Insulated Cooling Cups

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Nothing sucks the joy out of happy hour like a tasteless margarita that’s mostly melted ice. Double-walled with built-in active cooling gel and an insulated silicone band, our margarita freeze comes in the classic shape and will save you from weak, watered-down margs. Just freeze your glass upside down to keep your drinks cold for over an hour.

Materials: BPA-free plastic with silicone grip Design: insulated walls with active cooling gel Care: hand wash Directions: stash your margarita freeze upside down in the freezer for perfectly frosty cocktails. HOST®, the epitome of ingenuity and style, is your go-to brand for spring events that demand both functionality and flair. Whether you’re celebrating graduation, hosting a lively bachelorette party, or raising a toast at a wedding, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, HOST’s beverage accessories are the secret ingredient to elevate your gatherings.

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