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The Ivory Palm

Sunshine State Pickleball Paddle

Sunshine State Pickleball Paddle

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Made with love, as always, by our local Florida artist. This design features a beautiful, chic outline of the sunshine state on the front side, with the official Paddle and Palm logo on the back. Be sure to rep this paddle if you consider Florida to be home or a place you enjoy traveling to! Each paddle features a lightweight design for improved hand-speed, an elongated face for improved power, optimal paddle thickness for both power and accuracy, and a durable honeycomb core with fiberglass surface materials. All Paddle & Palm pickleball paddles are designed to meet USAPA specifications. Paddle Dimensions: 15.65” Length x 7.7” Wide 7.6 oz. Weight 5” Handle Length 4.25” Grip circumference Each paddle features a 13mm. thick polypropylene honeycomb core, and chestnut brown durable leather grip tape on the handle.

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